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  • Rubber disc check valves consist of body, cover and rubber disc. Inside of the rubber disc is steel plate, steel bar and reinforced nylon liner and the outside is rubber and the disc life is more than one million open-close cycles.

The valves is designed with unimpeded bore, so the pressure loss is very little and no sundries pile up in the body and it is easy to maintain this kind of valves. The valves is used for feeding system and installed at the outlet of the pump to prevent the fluid flowing backward and water hammering. Also it can be installed at the inlet of inlet/outlet's bypass pipe to prevent the water in the cistern flowing backward into the pipe.

Mail part & material 
Body: pray cast iron, ductile cast iron 
Disc: steel plate+ nylon + NBR
Bonnet: pray cast iron, ductile cast iron

Technical Specification
-Nominal diameter:50~600mm 
-Nominal pressure:1.0~1.6Mpa-Medium: water and weak corrosive fluid, etc.
-Work temperature: 0~80℃

Main external and connection dimension

ball check valve4 930cs2

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