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  • Mã sản phẩm: 3A036
  • Giá bán: Liên hệ
  • The valve limits the flow rate in the pipeline to a preset rate, regardless of upstream pressure variations. The valves is controlled by pilot valves, which takes use of integrated orifice plate to detect flow rate represented by differential pressure, and the differential pressure is used to control the pilot valves to implement flow rate control.

The rate of flow control valve is a multifunctional valve that adopts the mode of flow control employed by high-precision pilot valves. It is suitable for use in water distribution pipes within which the flow and pressure need to be controlled, and can serve to keep the preset flow constant, restrict excessive flow at a preset value and reduce the excessively high pressure upstream properly. This valve differs from other conventional throttle valves, which normally work through reducing the flow area by means of orifice plates or purely mechanically, by making use of an appropriate pilot valves to minimize the loss of energy in the course of flow regulation. The valve can completely stop the flow in case of an emergency to avoid loss. Accordingly, it boasts high control sensitivity and is reliable, safe, simple to debug and offers a long service life.
Standard and regulation
Flange connection dimension: GB/T 17241.6-1998, GB/T 9113.1-2000
Nominal pressure: PN0.6MPa, PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa, PN2.5MPa
Nominal diameter: DN20~450mm
Suitable medium: Water
Suitable temperature: ≤80℃
Inspection and test: GB/T 13927, API598
Body material: Cast iron, Ductile cast iron

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